The Rare Enterprise is a company that helps shape your reality on planet Earth.

The only health & wellness business specializing in personalization of connected services and products that enhance the quality of life for individuals from a holistic prospective.

What does Rare mean?

Ready to
Account for


Ready to be different
Account the resources
Remembering that all you have in your cells from your body and mind are data stores of information
Everything can be collected from inner and outer sources 

Being Rare, also means you do NOT enage in racism, xenophobia, misogyny, hatred, and racial or gendered violence against any living being on this Earth.


How long does it take to choose my reality?

It does not take long. All that matters is your cooperation and your willingness to believe in yourself.

Why is it important to choose my reality?

It’s important for you to choose your reality because once you do, you will be able to control what you want and need to have a better life.

What’s the process of choosing my reality?

For you to choose your reality, you have to first learn about balance. Balance of the next dimension above your current reality is 4d. Think of the below image as your visual guide. If you can balance the 4 spheres of your life, (physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental) you will successfully choose your reality. If you have trouble, that is where Rare Reign comes in to assist.

What does remembering everything in rare mean?

It means attempting to make the most out of your brain memory, body memory, and assisted memory through photos, videos, letters, items, etc.