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Both toddlers and teens are in stages of rapid development and transition. Both are experiencing significant changes in their bodies, brains, and social lives. Toddlers and teens are also both developing their independence and identity at these two stages in life. It is also important to note that they will still need guidance and support from adults. 

These two stages require supervision and healthy practices.

Parenting From Around The World

Whether you’re in the toddler stage or teen stage, both stages of development should have a style or method of discipline, to engage forward growth. As a result, it is important to find a parenting style that you feel comfortable raising your child with in this world. At The Rare Enterprise, you have the choice to choose your reality, as well as create a parenting style that fits you if your choice is to parent.

Toddler Services

The service of choice to help you parent your toddler in this stage, specifically, is dedicated to potty training. Rare’s potty training service is a 3-week program (cost $70) where she helps guide you and your toddler through the steps of potty training. 

Teen Services

The service of choice to help you parent your teenager in this stage, is dedicated to their learning of finalizing their growth of being a teenager. This encompasses the move from teen-hood to adulthood. Rare aka Jessica, is the author of the book, Am I Learning What I Need To Know. She can mentor your teen to build a solid path to their adulthood with pride and freedom of choice. This is a 4-week program (cost $55) that enables your child to have stable confidence and excel in their life going forward.


Is Your Toddler or Teen Ready?

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